Visit by the Pokhara Fishtail Rotary of Nepal - October 2015

We continue to work with our good friends of Pokhara Fishtail Rotary Club in Nepal to assist the local population in projects of importance to them and to us.

The Rotary Club of Bristol has strong links with both Pokhara Fishtail and with the Pahar Trust to channel funds that improve the quality of life for the people of Nepal

The oversight that local people on the ground can give for these projects and in ensuring that the monies are spent well and appropriately is invaluable and we continue to be grateful for they unstinting work.

On 18th October we were pleased to welcome 4 members of Pokhara Fishtail and their wives to Bristol to receive updates on the projects and to further strengthen our relationship.

Below are (from the left) Assistant District Governor Binod Koirala, his wife Bibha; Jayendra Gauchan and his wife Chij; Ramakanta Barai (kneeling before) his wife Nirmal; and President Tej Gurung (kneeling before) his wife Beni.

In the recent disasters that have confronted Nepal Rotary Club of Bristol have been able to collect and channel money speedily to the point of need such as emergency shelter; rebuilding of bridges and schools and the reinstatement of a crucial footbridge in the area of Maj Thum.

Driven by Ron Stagg and Tim Mitchell the Rotary Club of Bristol has joined with other clubs to initiate and co-ordinate a Global Grant of around £120 000 to rebuild 6 schools in the area around Pokhara.

We continue to seek ways to support such projects and any ideas, money or initiatives from other Rotary Clubs or individuals are always welcome.