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Tim Mitchell

Hello! Let me introduce you to Rotary and, in particular, the Rotary Club of Bristol. There couldn't be a better time! Bristol Rotary is 100 years old this year. Ours was the very first Rotary club in the South West which gave rise to many other clubs throughout the region.

The Rotary Club of Bristol continues to attract more members each year to work with us to improve the lives of communities near and far. It is another new year for Rotary as we run from July to July. Each year Rotary International has a theme and this year’s is
'Rotary Connects The World’.

We will certainly be continuing to do our bit to connect people keen to help local and international communities.  It is a privilege to be able to say that we are looking at projects in Nepal, Nicaragua, Mozambique and Ukraine as well as maintaining our friendship links with clubs in Bordeaux, Hannover, Oporto and Stockholm.  Since joining Rotary I have been able to attend club meetings in 14 different countries.

Not forgetting our local communities, we will continue to work with our Meadowvale community, continue cleaning up and making the harbour a safer place, supporting small local charities and offering  our time for volunteering where needed.
Our young people locally are also a priority for us. We are fortunate to see and bring out the best in them through a range of competitions and activities – music, writing, technology, public speaking and leadership skills all feature in our work with young people.

New members are always welcome and I can truly say – join Rotary and see the world, whilst contributing to your local community, meeting new friends and giving something back.


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Tim Mitchell


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