Bridges for Communities


Bridges for Communities - come & hear about the work of this local charity that connects people of different cultures & faiths, enabling them to build friendships, grow in their understanding of one another & live well together.




Monday July 24th 2023


7.00 - 7.30pm



Our speaker Dan Morrice is the Communications lead for Bridges for Communities a Bristol-based charity founded in 2010.

The founding belief isin the value of interaction between people from different communities & in its potential to reduce prejudice and intolerance. That belief has remained at the heart of everything done by the charity since then.

Bridges for Communities now runs a wide range of projects and activities, including ones that bring people together around food, music, language or faith, and others that seek to make Bristol a more welcoming city for people who are displaced by war or persecution.

They are based at Easton Family Centre in central Bristol and have a diverse team who are passionate about the work we are doing.

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